Mass Acquittals—Collected Cases

Just as there have been several highly reported mass convictions, there have also been several under-reported mass acquittals. Below are links to news stories about some examples.

Cairo court acquits 169 Morsi loyalists,” May 19, 2014: (charges of rioting and illegal protest)

Cairo court acquits 64 protesters on rioting charges,” June 22, 2014:  

Cairo Court acquits 112 on charges of violating protest law,” September 28, 2014: (illegal protest)

Kafr El-Sheikh court acquits 70 Pro-Morsi supporters,” December 31, 2014: (illegal protest and belonging to a terrorist organization)

Egypt courts acquit 191 'Brotherhood' members, 40 sentenced to jail,” December 18, 2014:,--sentenc.aspx  (charges of illegal protest, violence, and sabotage)

Egypt court frees 68 activists in rare move,” March 31, 2015: (acquitted included members of the Muslim Brotherhood; illegal protest and attacking security forces)