Penal Code

We are unaware of any publicly available, non-copyrighted English translation of the Egyptian Penal Code that includes the several important amendments made over the last decade or so. Fairly good and fairly current English translations are available for purchase at very reasonable prices from The Middle East Library for Economic Services, located in Cairo. Presumably, they will mail copies to customers in foreign countries.

Criminal Procedures Code 

It is difficult to find an English translation of Egypt's Criminal Procedures Code. In fact, the unofficial translation below may be the only one available online:

Terrorist Entities Law 

The links below are to the Arabic Original and an unofficial, informal translation of the Terrorist Entities Law, Law 8 of 2015. Even though civil in nature, they are included here on the criminal law page due to the criminal nature of terrorism. Click here for further analysis and commentary

Protest Law 

The links below are to the Arabic original and an informal, unofficial English translation of the Protest Law, Law 107 for 2013. Click here for further analysis and commentary

Egypt's NGO Law 84 of 2002 has been the subject of considerable controversy concerning both its content and manner of enforcement. Numerous drafts of proposed amendments and news laws have been advanced and debated.

In addition to the NGO Law, some sections of the Penal Code have also been applied to employees of unregistered NGOs, including Articles 98-C and 98-D.