Another Example of Reversal by Egypt's Court of Cassation of Mass Convictions of Morsi Supporters

On appeal, the convictions were reversed of 77 defendants convicted following violence that broke out during a pro-Morsi protest in Alexandria, Egypt, that left 12 people dead and 180 others injured. The defendants were charged with thuggery, rioting, murder, attempted murder, demonstration of force, possession of weapons, blocking roads, sabotaging public and private properties, and other offenses.

This continues a fairly consistent pattern of reversals of mass convictions on appeal.


Al-Jazeera English Journalists ("Marriott Cell") Case

Al-Jazeera English Journalists ("Marriott Cell") Case

The original trial and conviction of three Al-Jazeera English journalists attracted a huge amount of negative news media attention and was hugely damaging to the reputation of the Egyptian judiciary. But, far more important than the proceedings and rulings of the trial court, and what far more accurately reflects the standards of Egyptian justice, is the reasoning behind the subsequent reversal—more like repudiation—of the trial court's rulings on appeal to the Court of Cassation.

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